Chevrolet Impala Limited Production Extended to 2016 for Fleet Use

Chevrolet's decision to extend production of the Impala Limited until 2016 indicates a strategic move to cater specifically to fleet use.  

Recognizing the demand for a reliable and cost-effective fleet vehicle,  

Chevrolet continued to offer the Impala Limited, even after introducing the redesigned Impala in 2014.  

This extended production allowed fleet operators to benefit from the proven reliability and familiarity of the Impala platform.  

By targeting the fleet market, Chevrolet aimed to maintain a strong presence in commercial and rental vehicle sectors.  

The Impala Limited's practicality, fuel efficiency, and spaciousness made it a preferred choice for various fleet applications.  

This move also helped Chevrolet leverage its existing manufacturing infrastructure,  

supporting fleet customers while showcasing the brand's commitment to meeting diverse market needs.